UST Class Action

Quotes from 2005-2006 Common Text Abeng

"When she took off her school blouse in the evenings to tidy up for dinner with her parents, she stroked her nipples and found them tender but also wanting of her strokes. The stroking back and forth and up and down made her pussy warm. She would raise an arm and run the other hand under her armpit, playing with the hairs, then across her breasts, and into and through the lips of her vagina, where her finger settled and gently rubbed... Clare didn't mention to her friend the sweet and deep feeling when she did these things, nor the salty taste of her own moisture on her fingertips." pp. 106-107

"Mma Alli had never lain with a man. The other slaves said she loved only women in that way, but that she was a true sister to the men - the Black men: her brothers. They said that by being with her in bed, women learned all manner of the magic of passion. How to become wet again and again all through the night. How to soothe and excite at the same time. How to touch a woman in her deep-inside and make her womb move within her. " p. 35

" When Inez came to Mma Alli to get rid of the mixed-up baby she carried, Mma Alli kept her in her cabin overnight. She brewed a tea of roots and leaves, said a Pawpaw chant over it, and when it was beginning to take effect and Inez was being rocked by the contractions of her womb, Mma Alli began to gently stroke her with fingers dipped in coconut oil and pull on her nipples with her mouth, and the thick liquid which had been the mixed-up baby came forth easily and Inez felt little pain. A baby, Inez's people believed, was sacred, but a baby conceived in buckra rape would have no soul - with this Mma Alli agreed." p. 35