UST Class Action

English Class Alternatives

St. Thomas accepts credits from many other colleges in the Twin Cities area. Unfortunately, many of the English Departments at other local colleges have also morphed into political re-education departments. Bethel University, however, appears to have resisted this so far. Classes from Bethel that likely would substitute for English 111 at St. Thomas are these: GES 110 College Writing, ENL 100 Great Writers: An Introduction, as would ENL 110 American Lives, and ENL 203 Survey of US Literature. We have heard that these are better, but you need to research them yourself. The books used by a particular instructor provide the best clue. Contact Professor Michael Jordan to discuss transferring credits into St. Thomas.

Another possibility is to take an online course and to request that these credits transfer in.  You can check out Holy Apostles College and Seminary (Theology and English Courses).

Another possibility is to attend a different college or university altogether. The Cardinal Newman Society has a book listing colleges that try to more strongly adhere to their Catholic identity. Also, here is an article from the National Catholic Register on Catholic colleges.