UST Class Action

English Teachers who do not respect the Catholic mission of UST

In 2006, many University of St. Thomas professors signed a letter protesting the University's "Unmarried Partner's travel policy." This policy prohibits teacher's "unmarried partners" from accompanying them on student trips. Consider the absurdity of the University changing its policy. Imagine an adulterous couple, or a homosexual couple chaperoning the students on a Catholic "Sanctity of Marriage" conference.

Signing this protest letter is a violation of The Application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae for the United States, which says: "All professors are expected to be aware of and committed to the Catholic identity and mission of their institutions. All professors are expected to exhibit not only academic competence and good character, but also respect for Catholic doctrine."

These English Teachers signed this letter:

Andrew Scheiber
Erica Frisicaro
Amy Muse
Ray N. Mackenzie
Susan J. Callaway
Young-ok An
Brenda Powell
Carmela Garritano
Michael Bellamy
David T. Lawrence
Erika Scheurer
Kanishka Chowdhury
Padmaja Challakera
Alexis Easley
Leslie Miller
Heather Bouwman
Kelli Larson
Lon Otto
Robert K. Miller
Michael Mikolajczak
Heid Erdrich

Students who want teachers who respect the Catholic mission and identity of St. Thomas may wish to avoid these teachers.