UST Class Action

Quotes from the Book

The following quotes are all taken from the text:

I move my hips a little… I hope they get hard at the sight and have to rub themselves against the painted barriers surreptitiously.”(p.22, First Anchor paperback edition, 1998) The Commander is fucking, what he is fucking is the lower part of my body…” (p. 94) Women kneeling, sucking penises, or guns, women tied up or chained or with dog collars around their necks, women hanging from trees, or upside down, naked, with their legs held apart, women being raped, beaten up, killed. Once we had to watch a woman being slowly cut to pieces, her fingers and breasts snipped off with garden shears, her stomach slit open and her intestines pulled out.” (p. 118) Fuck that shit.” (p.118) Fucking pigs. Fucking bleeders.” (p. 180) Does she mean (sex) on all fours?” (p. 205) …someone had written Aunt Lydia sucks… The mere thought of Aunt Lydia doing such a thing was in itself heartening.” (p. 222) …cocks like three-week-old carrots.” (p. 222) Does he have a pony whip, hidden behind the door? Will he produce boots, bend himself or me over the desk?” (p. 231) Big scallop shells covering the tits.” (p. 235) What’d you do wrong, laugh at his dick?” “It’s like screwing on the altar or something.” (p. 243) You’d have three or four good years before your snatch wears out…” (p. 249) There is something reassuring about toilets. Bodily functions at least remain democratic. Everybody shits.” (p.252) it looks like a sanitary pad that's been popped like a piece of popcorn" (p. 238) his delicate, stalked slugs eye, which expands, winces and shrivels...traveling forward as if on a leaf" (description of a penis) (p.88) I stroke myself, under the sheets" (p. 104) ...there's lots of women around. Butch paradise," (p. 249) looking up between her legs, ...she's been shaved, a mere beardless girl" (p.114)

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